Drinking and Driving Don't MixThe Fourteenth Judicial Circuit DUI Program 

Serving Bay County and 
Surrounding Areas

The Fourteenth Judicial Circuit DUI Program is licensed for DUI services in Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, and Washington Counties.

The DUI program offers classes for Level I and Level II in Bay and Jackson Counties. These programs are state mandated and satisfy statutory obligations for individuals who receive a DUI or a Reckless Driving with Alcohol citation.

Effective July 1, 2001, Florida law requires drivers under 21 with a blood and breath alcohol level of .05 or higher to attend the DUI Program prior to license reinstatement. The evaluation results will be provided to parents and legal guardians for individuals under the age of 19.

Who Is Eligible?

Level I- First time DUI, Reckless Driving with alcohol, or controlled substance charge. Twelve hours of classroom education and an evaluation.  To register for this classroom course, CLICK HERE

Level II- Anyone who has participated in a DUI course prior to this offense and/or has more than one DUI or an offense resulting in referral to a DUI Program. Twenty-one hours of classroom education and an evaluation. To register for this classroom course, CLICK HERE

Alternative Enrollment:

Call us at 872-7730, Ext. 100, or come by to register at 2230 N. East Ave, Panama City, FL  32405. Please allow at least one hour.

For DUI enrollment, you must bring HARD COPIES of the following information with you (If program makes copies, we charge $1.00 per page):

  1. Citation/ticket

  2. DUI Arrest Report/Affidavit

  3. Out of State lifetime driving record (this applies to those who have not lived in or had a Florida license for the last five (5) years

  4. Final Court/probation papers if you are on probation

Then What Happens?

Once registration is complete, the registration clerk will enroll the individual into the required level course and schedule a private evaluation with a certified evaluator. This evaluation will take approximately one hour.

Each individual is assessed to determine if a referral should be made for substance abuse treatment. There are a series of questions called "risk indicators" or factors. If enough of these indicators are present, we will facilitate a referral to a licensed treatment provider.

How Much Does This Cost?

Level 1 - $340.00
Level 2 - $501.00
There is a surcharge per credit/debit card transaction.

Questions?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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