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Special Supervision Services

In 1986 Florida Statute 322.271 made provisions to allow individuals with five and ten year revocations to apply for a Business or Employment Purposes hardship license with the DUI Special Supervision Services Program.

Applicants for Special Supervision Services must: complete the Level II DUI Program; complete required substance abuse treatment; refrain from operating a motor vehicle for an established time period; and refrain from the use of alcohol and other drugs for an established time period prior to application and while in the Special Supervision Program. Applicants must demonstrate a significant change in lifestyle and behavior to be considered trustworthy to drive on a restricted basis.

The applicant, upon approval by DHSMV, must report to the local DUI Program for supervision, urine screening and relapse prevention planning.

How to apply:

  1. Contact the Department of Highway & Safety Motor Vehicles at 850-494-5728 for an administrative hearing.
  2. Contact us at 850-872-7730 ext. 100 or come in to enroll.


Screening Fee: $25.00
Enrollment Fee: $290.00
Monthly Update Fee: $55.00 (once accepted into program)
IID Monthly Fee: $10.00 (if required)
Urine Testing Fee: $40.00

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